Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of work in the world of musical composition. I’m really hoping to put together a lot more songs that my siblings and I can take on the road. As I’ve been working on this, I’ve also been looking at a few different styles of music for public domain tunes I can borrow. The styles include hymns, Gospel music, Christian contemporary music, and folk tunes. They’re all great fun to listen to and perform—I’ve just been trying to figure out which tunes to focus my attention on. And that got me thinking about myself as an artist. Who exactly am I in the artistic community? What do I do that makes me unique? In short, what style of music defines me?

Now, I’m not sure I’ll be able to specifically answer that question now or any time in the near future. But really, all artists have something that they’re passionate about, whether they share that passion with others or not. Whether it’s music, craftsmanship, photography, painting, drawing, writing, dancing, or acting, artists enjoy their art thoroughly and naturally want to share their joy with others. Unfortunately, our own doubts and fears often manage to creep in and hinder us from revealing our passions to others in the community.

You know the voices I’m talking about. Those are the thoughts that keep whispering, “What if this or that happens? Why should they look at what I’ve done? I’m nobody special.” And when we listen to these voices and allow them to take over, we end up hiding away what we’ve worked so hard on. If hidden well enough, people might not even know about our passion for art. It becomes a hidden compartment in our hearts that we lock away and keep to ourselves.file1761250417171

There are tons of different types of art out there, and millions and millions of other artists. Really, if we hide our passions away, hardly anyone will notice or care. After all, there are plenty of artists out there who are sharing their work, and they’re probably doing stuff similar to what you’re doing. But then, what’s the point of pouring your heart and time into your art if no one else gets to enjoy it but yourself?

When Jesus walked the earth, he was definitely unique. After all, he had the advantage of living without a sinful nature, and he showed that he was the Son of God through his teachings and his miracles. But sometimes we gloss over the fact that Jesus grew up a carpenter’s son. He spent hours and hours carving and shaping wood, often using his own creativity to make just what someone else wanted or needed. I’m sure someone in Nazareth was displeased with the bowl or table or chair that Jesus made for them. But because Jesus wasn’t afraid to share his talent with others, the whole town benefited from what he did.

What’s the worst that will happen if someone out there doesn’t like what you do? I ask that question myself when I have doubts. After all, no one’s going to run me out of town or sue me for writing a song they didn’t like. If people don’t notice or hear about what I do, I shouldn’t assume that I must be a bad artist. Whatever gifts and talents I might have are gifts from God, so why shouldn’t I open them up and use them to spread the news of God’s saving plan of salvation?

As artists, our artwork often defines who we are. Let’s not draw back into the corner, but instead use what we enjoy so much to benefit those around us.

God bless your day!

Alicia Michelle

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Colossians 3:17, NIV).