Let’s see, what’ve I gotten done recently? It sure seems like a lot, but I must be missing something.
1. Finish first semester of college? Check.
2. Have fun playing at multiple gigs? Check.
3. Spend months writing, arranging, practicing, and recording tons and tons of music for the super-secret project that’s almost ready to get started into full swing? Check.
4. Write weekly blog? FAIL!
            I knew I was forgetting something…

            Hello there, everyone. I’m so close to getting this musical project done that I can hardly wait! Unfortunately, after switching my focus from photography to the music project, I totally left the rest of you guys in the dust. I figured I should write another blog so you folks wouldn’t forget about me or think that I’d given up on the whole music ministry thing (which I am absolutely NOT giving up on!).
            I’ve been thinking about how crazy-cold it’s been around here lately and sometimes wondering if it’s God’s way of telling us, “Slow down! Stay inside the house and take a break for once! Take time to smell the flowers!” (“Smell the flowers,” of course, being a figurative term. It’s much too cold outside for flowers.)
            But think about it: We are a society obsessed with work. Everyone is almost always busy. Just look afile8301245763269t the highway sometime and try to count how many cars pass by in a minute. I bet you’ll lose count. Schedules are crammed, people are stressed, and we really don’t feel responsible unless we’re constantly working on something–to say nothing of the Christmas season we’ve just whizzed through in what felt like thirty seconds, not thirty days.
            I’m definitely not saying that work itself is a bad thing. God gave Adam work as a blessing and a joy, even before the fall into sin (Genesis 2:15). But too much of anything is not good and can often turn dangerous. I believe that lately the devil’s been trying to use the time I’ve spent starting up a music ministry to turn me away from Bible study and time alone with God. I’m sure it’s happened to you many times: “Oh, I haven’t done Bible study yet today! But I’ve got this project I’ve got to finish before tomorrow, and so many other things that need doing…I’ll save Bible study for later.” And later turns into…almost never. (It seems kind of like what happened to me whenever I thought of writing this blog, too.)
            This is more than just procrastination. It’s exchanging one task for another, believing that there’s no time for both. It’s placing something else above Bible study. It’s breaking the first commandment: “You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3, NIV). In other words, it’s saying that some other project you have to do is more important than God.
            I think that’s why he sent us into the wintery blast of unheard-of wind chills. I think he’s saying to us (me especially), “Look, you don’t have to go to school today. It’s too cold to run errands. Almost everything’s closed down. Why don’t you close down, too? Spend a little time with me once. I miss hearing from you.”
            I once heard our current connection status with God explained in this way: Suppose you say to your spouse, “I am super busy. I have a huge list of important stuff that needs to get done. So I’ll carve out some time for you for an hour on Sunday, for thirty seconds before each meal, and maybe a minute or so before bed. All of the rest of the time, I won’t be able to talk to you. But I think we’ll stay close enough, don’t you?” Your relationship with your spouse would not last long at all.
            Yes, work is important for our survival on this earth and for maintaining relationships with other family members and coworkers. But so is time with our Savior. Our connection with God is not just a religion, or a belief, or a commitment. It’s a relationship that needs to be fostered and cared for often, more than once a day.
            We make time for the things we want to make time for. Spending time with God is a choice, not something controlled by chance. How about we find the balance between work and our precious Savior? And let’s do it today, before later turns into almost never.
            God bless your day!
            Alicia Michelle
            “Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him (Psalm 62:5, NIV).