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Hello there! Just to let you guys know, Zànměi is still hoping and praying for a worship opportunity to come up in the near future. Please continue to pray for us and let us know if you have a possible chance for us to share God’s love with others through Asian music. We’re really looking forward to playing somewhere!face_icon_scared

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about responsibilities. Although they are good for making us and others around us grow in strength and faith, they do tend to keep us pretty busy. Just yesterday, I got home from a long day of school and was starting to relax when Mom said, “Hurry up and get ready! We leave in ten minutes!”

I’d forgotten that I had committed to playing in a chamber group for a corporate event being held that night. Fifteen frenzied minutes later, we were out the door and on our way to the gig. Thank goodness for moms!

The event went very well, but I couldn’t help thinking about what would have happened if I was late for the gig, or if I even missed it altogether. The event managers probably wouldn’t have been too pleased to have a trio playing instead of a quartet. Not only would I be down on some money, I would also have lost some of my reputation with both the event managers and my quartet members.

The responsibilities we carry out (or don’t carry out) often play a part in defining us in other people’s eyes. We tend to judge character by the way others act because usually the way a person acts reflects the beliefs of their heart and soul. When we goof up and make a mistake, it can hurt those around us, especially if the mistake we make is a sin. Our sins can cause people to turn away from us in anger or disappointment.

Thank goodness that God doesn’t judge us by our failures! He looks at us through Jesus’ sacrifice and sees his perfect life instead of our messed-up ones. We’re covered by Christ’s holiness through faith and are heirs and children of God! What an amazing thought!

Now, here’s something else to think about: If we’re covered in Christ’s holiness, then why do so few of our non-believing friends notice? Why is the light of the gospel in us dim, if it even shows at all? Perhaps our responsibilities and day-to-day routines are serving as an avenue and an excuse for us to connect to the ways of this world. If this is the case, we should reexamine the purpose of those responsibilities.

Our responsibilities in this world need to include preparing us and others around us for the next life. Maybe one of the reasons we have jobs to do is so that others can see that we do them differently, with a confidence that Christ is in us and working through us. And the evidence of our love toward Christ and others may be one of the first things God uses to call another child to faith in him.

God bless your day!

Alicia Michelle

“…let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16, NIV).